5 Ideas for a self made advent calendar

5 Ideas for a self made advent calendar

Other than the usual sweets, chocolate or toys there are a lot of other creative things to fill your advent calendar with. Here are some advent calendar ideas and suggestions for you next self-made advent calendar.

1. Card or Board game

You can create your own card / board game or you can by one and put some card or pieces of the game in the every day-gift, so that all are given in 24 days. The most important or seldom cards / pieces o the game you can keep for the gift on 24th December.

2. Photos

Create a collection of photos from adventures, meeting or vacations with your partner, your friend, get them printed and prepare a small photobook as gift number one. Every day the receiver of the advent calendar gets more photos and put them in the photobook till it’s completed.

3. Tea

You can start with a cup as you first gift and than go through different tea sorts every day. Maybe you know the favorite tea of the person, but that’s not necessary. You could go through the fruit or herb palette instate or a prepare journey around the tea world.

4. Pressed Flowers

You need to collect or buy flowers first, which either mean that you need to start early to collect them while on a walk or from your garden. Also keep the time needed to press them in mind (mostly around 10 days). Once that is done you can start to make gifts. Bookmarks, framed flowers, flowers between or in a glass or affixed on candles.

5. Spices

You know someone who loves cooking and to try new recipes? Try spices. A mixture of favorite spices or new once. Foreign cosines often need vastly different spice pallets and offer a grate variety to choose from. Also very nice are special or spiced salts.

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